RandLAN #41

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RandLAN is back in 2019 for more video gaming mayhem!
RandLAN is Wangaratta’s biggest video gaming community event spanning 24hrs, offering competitions and free play games.


$10 Console Entry
Bring some friends and enjoy the air conditioning while playing an assortment of consoles and Virtual Reality Games in the foyer. Also introducing the AFK Room complete with a TV, Chromecast, board games, card games and free WiFi available to everyone who needs a break from their keyboard or controller.

$25 PC Entry
BYO PC to participate in the main event AND access to Console areas with lots of games to play and prizes to be won throughout the event. Play some great games, including:
• Rainbow Six: Siege
• GTA: V
• Rocket League
• Golf with Friends
• Counterstrike: Global Offensive
• Gang Beasts
• Jackbox Games
• And many more!

Start: 13th April 12pm
End: 14th April 12pm

Masonic Hall
101 Appin Street
Wangaratta, VIC

PC Player
(Access to PC hall and Guest areas)

(Only if paid before the event)

(Access to Guest areas only)


By registering you agree to the following Terms and Conditions
To register please fill in the following form

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Current Bookings for RandLAN#41

  • Luke (1)
  • captaincreed22 (1)
  • Lemon|Jebus (1)
  • DevilWoman (1)
  • Nightshade (1)
  • Skittles (1)
  • Harmless (1)
  • Azzamatazz (1)
  • Avarice (1)
  • Krotiuz (1)
  • ShipWreckedChaos (1)
  • Punkatsub (1)
  • Punkatsub (1)
  • NuclearNinja23 (1)
  • Silent_Assassin (1)
  • KittyCat (1)
  • WATTDAWG (1)
  • ProbablyFromMars (1)
  • Valxue (1)
  • Mongaloidd (1)
  • snuppy (1)
  • Frosty (1)
  • Devils_Own617 (1)
  • Mixi (1)
  • Katsuyu_San (Kat) (1)
  • Mini_Jebus (1)
  • Polybius (1)
  • BalakaeWolf (1)
  • Mussels (1)
  • Mobius (1)
What to bring
PC Player Guest
  • Desktop PC or Laptop
  • Monitor – no large monitors (30″+) (You only have 900mm of desk)
  • Mouse and Mousepad
  • Power and video cables
  • Headphones (no speakers)
  • Network cable (recommended length 10m)
  • Extra money for dinner and snacks/drinks

Network cables are available for purchase at the event if required

  • Yourself
  • Extra money for dinner and snacks/drinks





Seat Booking
You can book your seats here

Snacks, soft drinks and coffee will be available to purchase during the event. Dinner will be supplied by Appin Street Takeaway, food ordering forms will be distributed at the event and are required to be returned by 5pm.
Pizza also available on request.

If there are any questions please see out “Contact Us” page for more information.


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