RandLAN LAN (“RandLAN”) requires that every person attending this event read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Entry
    1.    Entrance to the venue confirms agreement to abide by all terms and conditions set out in this document, and any requests made by RandLAN organizers on the day. Failure to comply may result in access to the network being denied, or ejection from the venue.
    2.    If an entrant fails to leave the venue when asked, or uses threats or violence, police may be called to remove the person by force.
    3.    Entry to a RandLAN event is at the entrant’s own risk. In entering the venue the entrant is accepting this risk. RandLAN takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or personal injury incurred whilst at the event, or on and around the premises.
    4.    RandLAN will, at the discretion of management, contact the police where it is felt appropriate, including, but not limited to, in instances of violence, drug use and child pornography.
  2. Fees and Refunds
    1.    Payment of one entry fee entitles one person to bring:
    1.    One PC.
    2.    One display device.
    3.    Necessary peripherals.
    2.    RandLAN provides one network port, and power sufficient for these devices for each paying entrant. Should anyone wish to bring two PC’s, or additional equipment, they may be asked to pay a surcharge at the discretion of management.
    3.    Refunds:
    1.    Prepaid entry fee (Online, PayPal or DirectDebit payments)
    1.    Refunds will only be issued where they are requested two weeks before the event and earlier.
    2.    Within two weeks of, during and after the event, no refunds will be given, without exception.
    2.    Pay-at-the-door entry fees
    1.    No refunds will be given.
  3. Property
    1.    At no time should any property be left unattended whilst on event premises. RandLAN takes no responsibility for lost or damaged personal property, equipment and goods.
    2.    RandLAN reserves the right to prevent use of any materials that look to be dangerous, including, but not limited to, old power boards or frayed cables. Should an entrant use faulty equipment, any loss or damage suffered by themselves, or others as a result, is to be indemnified by that entrant.
    3.    Should any entrant through some fault of their own, damage any property whilst at the event, they are liable to reimburse RandLAN organizers and / or the venue for any legal or financial losses.
  4. Behaviour
    1.    Players (both individuals and groups) are liable for any costs and legal repercussion incurred from their actions – including but not limited to damage, loss of property and injury – to the venue, equipment other people’s property while at the LAN (including around the venue, such as in the car park)
    2.    If any entrant exhibits behaviour which is abusive, rude, dangerous, or otherwise deemed socially unacceptable by RandLAN staff, they may be ejected from the venue.
    3.    RandLAN takes no responsibility for the behaviour or actions of others. Should anyone damage or abuse another entrant and / or another entrant’s property, the perpetrator is singularly responsible.
  5. Banned materials
    1.    Should any entrant be found in possession of Alcohol and / or illicit drug of any kind, these goods will be confiscated, and the possessor will be ejected from the venue.
    2.    Possession, display and trading of any pornographic material on the RandLAN network may result in the blocking of the perpetrator’s network port or ejection from the venue.
    3.    No person shall bring explosive, flammable, corrosive, or other dangerous substances, weapons, or devices onto the premises. This is not an exhaustive list, and anyone found to be in possession of any material deemed to be unsafe, or used in a threatening manner may be ejected from the venue.
    4.    Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are not compatible with our power structure and must not be bought onto the premises. Should an entrant be found to be in possession of a UPS, they will be asked to disconnect it, and may be ejected from the venue.
    5.    RandLAN does not support the possession or trade of illegal software, movies, music, or any other copyrighted materials and takes no responsibility for any illegal material brought onto the premises.
  6. Prizes
    1.    Door prizes and competition prizes are given at RandLAN organisers discretion. These can be withheld indefinitely without any given reason.
    2.    Should there be any dispute over competition winners or how competitions were carried out, a complaint must be made formally in writing. No abuse or argument will be tolerated and may result in ejection from the venue or banning from future events.
    3.    In the case of team competitions, if one member is in breach of any of the terms, then RandLAN reserves the right to evict the entire team.
    4.    Should any person breach any of the listed terms and conditions, they void their right to any prizes which they may have won.

RandLAN reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions of Entry with no notice. RandLAN will take reasonable steps to notify registered users of an update, should this occur.