Next RandLAN is in 22 Days

RandLAN is back with another massive event! Enjoy a wide variety of PC games with friends, win some great prizes, chill out with a huge collections of consoles (both old school and new) and play on the HTC VIVE virtual reality headsets.

Schedule to be released SOON!

Start: 12pm Saturday 14th of July
Finish: 12pm Sunday 15th of July

Masonic Hall
101 Appin Street, Wangaratta

PC Player
(Compete in PC competitions, access to VR room and consoles)

Early Bird
$20 (valid until 25/06)
Full Price Tickets
 Door Tickets

(Access to VR room and consoles, no PC gaming)

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Current Bookings for RandLAN#39

  • Luke (1)
  • LemonEminem (1)
  • CaptainCreed (1)
  • KittyCat22 (1)
  • LittleAero (1)
  • Avarice (1)
  • Azzamatazz (1)
  • Devil Woman (1)
  • Nightshade (1)
What to bring
PC Player Guest
  • Desktop PC or Laptop
  • Monitor – no large monitors (34″+)
  • Mouse and Mousepad
  • Power and video cables
  • Headphones (no speakers)
  • Network cable (recommended length 10m)
  • Extra money for dinner and snacks/drinks

Network cables are available for purchase at the event if required

  • Yourself
  • Extra money for dinner and snacks/drinks





Snacks, soft drinks and coffee will be available to purchase during the event.
Dinner will be supplied by Appin Street Takeaway, food ordering forms will distributed at the event and will require to be returned by 5pm.
Pizza available on request.

If there are any questions please see out “Contact Us” page for more information.